With the evolution of IT technology, the business that can be solved by IT is on the rise year by year and IT is something that one cannot be do without anymore.

Therefore, GALLOP SEA LIMITED shall connect your company management and IT and contribute to realize your management strategy by utilizing IT and help to maximize your corporate competitiveness.

Business expansion, development or management rationalization whatever the aim may be, we will provide our “Business IT consulting” service in order to support your management strategy from every angle.

[Range of the service]

Starting from various system developments to infrastructure such as Server・Network・Database, Social・Networking・Services to entertainment such as various Application・Game development, we are capable of handling various areas.

[Corporate structure]

In order for an organization to promote growth in various IT, it is necessary to run a thorough research on the existing function as well as to comprehensively understand the business requirements.

Whether it is optimization of IT environment or undertaking a change, it is necessary to have a clearly defined plan not only to configure technology but also in order to rolling out the rollout that does not discontinue the work.

GALLOP SEA LIMITED utilizes well-experienced consultant and support organizational application, data, migrating operating system, cloud solution implementation, as well as important infrastructure rollout.

[Chinese market]

In order to compete and win in the competitive Chinese market, it is becoming indispensable condition to provide operation efficiency and new added value using IT in a high level.

And at the same time, there are many cases in China business that designated IT person-in-charge or the person responsible of IT is not secured as much as needed and this is where GALLOP SEA LIMITED comes in to function as an IT person-in-charge and provide IT consulting service starting from IT environment visualization to IT system planning.